Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Abortion Opponents' Latest Tactic? Crying "Eugenics" - DAME Magazine

It was about halfway into my 20-week ultrasound that I noticed something was slightly off. The technician, who had been chatting with me earlier as he did the scans, had grown quiet. He asked me to shift a bit, saying he wanted to see if the baby would move into a better position. He ran over the same section of my stomach repeatedly, staring at the screen with a slight frown. Eventually he moved on, but remained awkwardly silent.

“When is your next appointment with your doctor?” he asked me when the ultrasound was completed.

“Two days,” I responded.

“That’s good. That should be soon enough.”

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  1. I have not ever needed an abortion (fortunately), however, I was raised Catholic and became pro-choice after reading an article about abortion in the Catholic magazine "The Saint Anthony's Messenger" one afternoon after school (my mother had been subscribing to this magazine for as long as I could remember) when I was in the ninth grade. It may seem rather odd that an anti-abortion article in a Catholic magazine read by a young and practicing Catholic girl should cause her to be come pro-legal abortion. It may seem odd that I remember reading that article after all these years, five decades ago. I remember because it was an eye-opening and attitude changing event, an epiphany.

    I was an odd girl. introverted and quiet. Good at math and logic, compassionate and empathic. I think it was those qualities that caused me to read that article and come to the exact opposite conclusion that the editors of the magazine had intended. Because no matter how they framed the issue, it was clear that there were logical fallacies in that article and that denying a safe legal abortion to women who choose it was behavior lacking in compassion and devoid of empathy.