Crow After Roe

About Crow After Roe: How Women's Health Is the New "Separate But Equal" and How to Change That

Women’s health and reproductive rights have been under attack for quite some time, but never to the extent it is today.  What used to be a subtle attempt to take away a woman’s legal right to an abortion has now become a blatant crusade to control women’s bodies by using the legislature, the courts and financial means. This open plot to control all sides of her reproductive and health rights are being focused on those who have little access or choice when it comes to reproductive care due to economic means or location or status in our society, as we show in our look at 12 key states where anti-women measures have become testing grounds for new limits. Reproductive choice – be it terminating a pregnancy, preventing one in the first place, or even simple preventative health care – is now being limited to only those who can afford it, and the most vulnerable of women are paying the price. Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo combine their experience in legislative tracking, legal analysis and activism in a new, fresh look at reproductive rights as civil rights, tracking the decline in access and providing a blueprint for how to gain in back.

Advance Praise for "Crow After Roe"

Crow After Roe is a must-read for anyone who cares about women's rights. A comprehensive look at the never-ending war on women's bodies, the book will shock and move you to action. Most importantly, though, Crow After Roe gives you hope and a roadmap for what we can do to change the current anti-woman tide.”—Jessica Valenti, feminist author and speaker, founder of and columnist at The Nation

 “The authors of Crow after Roe combine their considerable journalistic and legal skills to offer a state of the art review of the numerous ways that abortion access is under threat in the United States.  All who are concerned about the challenges now facing abortion providers and patients alike should read this book.”—Carole Joffe, author, Dispatches From the Abortion Wars