Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Just In: Yes, Politicians Who Want to Investigate Miscarriages Can Have Wives Who Have Had Miscarriages, and other news

We're getting closer to election day for a number of states, and that means the abortion-related mudslinging is getting underway. In Virginia, one politician is claiming that his opponent voted for bills that could open miscarriages up to a criminal investigations.

His opponent's wife, responding on his behalf, says that's an obvious lie, since she herself has had miscarriages.

It's a touchy subject, but yes, Personhood bills, and, frankly a lot bills that are on the books, do exactly that. Even in Virginia, miscarrying women are already being investigated as potentially undergoing illegal self-abortions. At whatever point in gestation abortion becomes criminalized, any miscarriage after that fact will be ripe for potential criminal charges.

Kansas has spent nearly $1 million defending anti-choice laws in court. Let's hear it for fiscally responsible GOP legislatures!

Indiana Right to Life has filed 500 complaints against a local abortion provider who apparently filed most of his reports for the 2012 year with a mistake in his facility's address on the form. DANGEROUS!

Colorado is so over Personhood. Instead, this time they'll just try to add "unborn human beings" to the criminal code instead. "Unborn Human Beings USA" could not be reached for comment.

Abortion providers in Texas will actually end up being more regulated than ambulatory surgical centers. Shocked face.

Speaking of Texas, the man who wants to be the next governor of Texas is yelling to have President Obama impeached.

Created Equal is bringing the jumbotron of fetal parts out for another run.

Finally, this woman wishes National Right to Life wouldn't use her story for their own personal crusade against abortion.

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