Monday, October 14, 2013

This Just In: 40 Days? Feels Like 400...

We are now -- oh who am I kidding. I have no idea how far into 40 days for life we are at this point. I know abortion opponents claim that their "hundreds of babies saved" are stacking up like the "millions served" at a McDonald's restaurant. So, here's the latest.

North Dakota's one clinic is under constant protest, including the midnight hours, which are mostly handled by the local Knights of Columbus whom, from the sounds of this article, are mainly there to talk to the drinkers heading home at bar close. Sounds like those bar patrons could use some 40 days of tacos, am I right?

The praying, weeping and harassing at one Alabama has become so bad that clinic supporters have started pledging protesters. According to pro-life folk, this is somehow crass. Because demanding patients entering a clinic not "kill their babies" is the height of decorum, I guess.

The protests outside this clinic in Illinois are more subdued. Maybe that's because it mostly offers gynecology and urology services.  The protests in front of this clinic has made a woman just trying to get screened for cervical cancer uncomfortable, but hey, Focus on the Family is giving money to the CPC next door to help them up their presence, so praise Jesus.

Speaking of praising Jesus, this group is having church at one abortion clinic because, why not.

By the way, if you weren't aware, we even exported 40 Days over seas.  Who says America doesn't know how to give back to the rest of the world?

This guy threatened repeatedly to blow up a clinic if his ex went to get an abortion. I wonder why they broke up?

Finally, quote of the day. "Unfortunately our culture is filled with change agents who work diligently to promote the concept of 'choice' without consequences. Like Alice, having fallen down the rabbit hole, women are being told to simply 'take a pill' and there are no negative outcomes for bad choices"

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