Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Just In: God's Judgement, Zombies and Missionaries to the Pre-Born

An attempt to stop the 20 week ban in Albuquerque was derailed in a city council meeting. Despite the state Attorney General saying such a restriction would be unconstitutional and unenforceable, but a resolution offered at the meeting to get outside legal council before the November 19th vote was panned by audience members who said at this point it would be denying the "democratic process." The resolution was referred to a committee to be looked at after the election, once it is too late to make any difference.

If there was any doubt that the bill is mostly being pushed by those with a religious agenda, they were dismissed by comments hurled at the council member recommending legal review. “May your sneaky ways be judged and forgiven by God.”

The Santa Fe Reporter has a must read article on access in New Mexico, including the protests and the impact of the CPC network down there. One of the most striking parts is how CPCs convince women that if they abort, they may be risking their only chance to ever be pregnant. "I guess I’d rather have a baby than risk the chance of not having one again. I guess abortion is out of the picture,” said one interviewee. (Note: trigger warning on the picture accompanying it)

Sally Kohn writes about why protecting reproductive rights is about caring about children and families, despite anti-choice rhetoric claiming otherwise. "We need a vibrant pro-choice, pro-family, feminist movement created by the daughters and sons of the last generation, all of you here today, seeding a generation of leaders and voices for my daughter and your daughters and everyone else’s daughters—and sons. A movement that must continue to safeguard reproductive choice and promote sexual autonomy and economic liberation for all women and families worldwide."

Things I can't make up: "People wouldn't be so accepting of abortion if zombies weren't so popular.

Speaking of zombies, Missionaries to the Preborn hit a campus in Indiana with bloody fetus posters and used little children to hand out pamphlets. “It is appalling; the fact that they had little kids out here is ridiculous,” said one student, commenting on the 9 year old brought by the group to help

Good news! The Governor of California has signed a bill to expand who can provide abortions. Now hopefully they will have enough people to handle the overflow when pretty much every other state cuts off access altogether.

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