Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Just In: Lawsuits, Duggars and Satanic Intervention

The courts are getting even more active when it comes to making decisions around abortion access. A law suit against the Virginia board of health challenging its new TRAP law will not be dismissed and will proceed to trial, welcome news to the activists who rallied at the court house. Meanwhile, the ACLU in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the anti-choice amendments tucked last minute into the state's budget bill, claiming the move violated the single subject rule.

The Portland, Maine city council has voted to allow a buffer zone to keep anti-choice activists from directly harassing clinic patients, and Albuquerque has approved a ban on allowing similar pickets and protests in front of the private homes of providers.

The Duggars are heading to Tennessee to rally support for an amendment that would among other things allow the state to add a waiting period prior to an abortion. What they don't mention is that waiting period wouldn't be a typical 24 hour one, but 48 hours instead.

Finally, Satan hates crisis pregnancy centers, in case you were curious, or so claims Chris Slattery, proprietor of a chain of New York centers (EMC) he claims is being targeted by the devil himself. "Today EMC starts year 29. And Satan growls and bears his teeth. HELP!" pleads Slattery, before describing a litany of floods, disease and other catastrophes he is positive is the work of the Evil One.

Sorry, but until he offers locusts, I remain unconvinced.

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