Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Just In: Real Women Don't Like Lust and other Anti-Choice Idioms

“A child’s right to life trumps a mother’s right to choose to end her pregnancy." There is the entire anti-choice movement in one succinct sentence.  And it was uttered by the radical, bloody fetus waving Missionaries to the Pre-Born.

With that belief energizing the anti-abortion, anti-birth control movement, even leaf-letting is getting aggressive when anti-abortion activists do it. Meanwhile wants to know if you think clinic protesting works. Go vote.

Dr. Carhart has been cleared of any medical negligence in the case of a woman who died early this year after having a later abortion. The doctor took the opportunity to rightfully shame anti-choice activists who released her name and medical info without her family's consent in an attempt to score political points. 

Civil rights icon Dolores Huerta railed against the proposed 20 week abortion ban in Albuquerque, calling it “an assault on the rights of women.”

Bakersfield councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan is still trying to push for some form of anti-choice resolution in the city, since her Human Life Amendment got trashed. Tonight will be a final vote to see if she gets what she wants.

The president of Susan B. Anthony List wants you to know that most later abortions are elective. Then again, when you believe a parent would benefit best by holding their born baby in their arms and watching him or her die, I guess you think every abortion is an "elective" one.

Finally, this is the saddest commentary you will ever read. Ever.

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