Friday, October 18, 2013

This Just In: Fetus in a Handbag, Antis in the Driveway

A teen is being investigated after having a miscarriage, because the fetus was discovered in her bag when she was questioned for shoplifting. If there was any doubt that they are trying to decide if she should be charged criminally for the miscarriage, the fact that they are allegedly having a medical examiner check to see if the fetus took a breath or not should clear that up.

As this article explains, in countries where abortion is illegal all miscarriages are investigated just because of a "presumption of guilt." The issues that will make you look the most guilty are the same issues that would make you more likely to miscarry in the first place: young, irregular periods, poor, little access to health care, the same things that would make you unlikely to get prenatal care and lesson your chances of a successful pregnancy.

It's a vicious cycle and one American abortion opponents seem all too willing to push pregnant people into under the guise of "saving babies.

Alabama wants to make it even less likely that abortions would be performed outside of clinics by cutting the number of abortions a doctor can perform in his or her private practice from 30 a month to just 10.  Alabama, you will remember, passed a bill that would have closed all the clinics in the state if the courts hadn't enjoined it. So, twofer!

Sen. Rand Paul makes no qualms that his entire reason for trying to make abortion illegal again is biblically based, telling an anti-abortion fundraiser: "Our message doesn't have to be one of fire and brimstone — OK, maybe a little fire and brimstone."

Finally, things you would think anti-abortion activists would know by now:  women covered in sheets aren't dying, they are being protected from you taking pictures of them. Which you commend. Also, no one could threaten to run you over if you weren't standing in driveways, which are meant for cars. But you know that, because you are trying to impede traffic.

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