Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Just In: Florida is banning abortion on June 1, 2018 and other news

Florida Rep. Larry Ahern is even more impressive than the Mayans. They only thought they knew what day the world would end on. Rep. Ahern, meanwhile, knows exactly when abortion will be illegal in the state of Florida. June 1, 2018.

"We want Florida to become the state that stops the killing of the preborn," Rep. Ahern said at the state Right to Life convention. "I'd like to set a date certain to make that happen."

It's nice of Rep. Ahern to be so open about the fact that they aren't interested in women's safety, as anti-choice activists so often claim lately. One other thing we know is true and he'll admit candidly behind closed doors -- they want to put Planned Parenthood out of business all together as well.

"We want to shut down Planned Parenthood,...As the pro-life movement advances, remember, the culture of death becomes a lot like a wounded animal and will fight fanatically to protect that false right to kill the unborn. ... They will get rabid as it gets worse for them."

He didn't set a date for that part, yet.

Oklahoma's war on pregnant teens seeking abortions starts this week. This is why that matters.

Former Kansas AG Phill Kline, who made it his mission to try to put Dr. George Tiller in jail before an anti-choice terrorist shot and killer Dr. Tiller in church, has had his Kansas law license suspended. Anti-choice groups have responded by calling it a "political vendetta" and "political lynching." The irony would almost be amusing if Kline wasn't in a completely new career in Virginia working for Liberty University, with no intention of practicing law in Kansas again, and Dr. Tiller was dead.

A faculty member at a Catholic University is being forced to resign for saying abortion is a decision that should be between a woman and her doctor.

This man has been charged with trying to burn down a Missouri Planned Parenthood. Twice. The clinic did not offer abortions. This man says that helping to lead the Black Hawk Special Ops force has prepared him for the "current state of warfare" of saving babies. This one says that because he lets his parents buy him food and it's not legal to kill him, abortion is wrong.

Both abortion rights supporters and opponents are continuing to protest in front of Crestwood Hospital in Alabama. Anti-choice activists want the hospital to fire the doctors who have admitting privileges that allow a local clinic to stay open. Pro-choice advocates want to show the hospital support for keeping the doctors on staff. The question will be whether the presence of both sides makes the hospital cut ties with the doctors just to get people to stop protesting in front of it. Which, of course, is exactly what the abortion opponents are counting on.

Finally, women could be the deciding factor in the Virginia governor's race. So, if you are a Virginia woman reading this, please, please PLEASE vote.

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