Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Just In: Keep Church and State separate, but please keep bringing the pony

Bakersfield, CA will NOT be passing an ordinance to make abortion illegal, which means that Lifesavers Ministry will have to go back to just harassing patients outside of clinics again. They will continue to draft a resolution to call abortion a really bad thing, however, so mini-victory for Tim Palmquist and his devoted followers.

Wisconsin will introduce "Choose Life" license plates today that will funnel funds to crisis pregnancy centers in the state. One group that is spearheading the project as well as helping to set up the organization that will funnel the funds is Pro-Life Wisconsin, which wants to see birth control made illegal.

Speaking of antis, special request -- can yall bring the pony back to the Wichita clinic when I visit in two weeks? I love ponies!

Alabama abortion opponents are trying even harder to get Crestwood Hospital to fire two doctors who are allowed to admit patients if there is a complication during an abortion. The hospital would like to point out that firing people for no cause is, well, sort of illegal.

In its statement, Crestwood said the doctors referenced by Henderson are independent, state-licensed physicians with their own private practices. Both are on Crestwood's medical staff, but neither is employed by the hospital.
"We do not intend to - nor can we legally - revoke the medical staff privileges of any trained, licensed, lawful and duly credentialed physician for issues that have no bearing on his or her work or practice at the hospital," the statement said.
Montana antis protesting Dr. Susan Wickland are being told the the clinic closure has absolutely nothing to do with them or their efforts. But antis are likely to get even more up close and personal if the buffer law in Massachusetts gets knocked down by the Supreme Court. No wonder more groups are filing on in favor of breaking down the buffer under the guise of "religious freedom."

And, one more note on religious freedom, from the Toledo Blade:

No one seeking employment should have to worry about the religion of the boss. Nor should a mother struggling to hold a family together and unable to afford another pregnancy be denied access to contraceptive coverage because of her employer’s faith.

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