Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Just In: Creepy fetus photos and the 40 Days Begin

West Virginia Republicans want to talk about restricting abortion access in the state insurance exchange. Not that there is a bill to do it yet, nor that one will be proposed soon. Or that the legislature is likely to pass it if they did. No, they just want to bring a little negativity to open enrollment for the exchange, which launches next week.

(Note, I'm sure these small children know all about abortion. Or even about the health care exchange)

Wisconsin policy group that advocates against abortion and same sex marriage swears that its involvement in the "Choose Life" license plate funneling scheme won't mean that it receives and tax payer dollars.

Business owner in the center of one of the birth control mandate cases claims it's his Catholic "sense of social justice" that is behind his refusal to let his employees have no copay birth control, as well as try to stop Obamacare from offering insurance to millions of uninsured. Apparently, his definition of social justice is a little different from others.

This article doesn't tell you anything you don't already know. But I'm linking it because the photo is creepy.

Finally, happy 40 days for life launch. Stay safe, clinic folk, and tell your patients that we support them in whatever their decisions are.

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