Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"These Alabama protesters became a gateway for women’s access to abortion - and more" - Contributoria

"Pregnancy prevention isn’t only an on-paper project for the group, but one they embrace in real life crisis situations as well. One ARRA member recounted a time when the group helped a mother of four obtain emergency contraception after she and her husband had unprotected sex. The woman had already had many difficult pregnancies and wasn’t sure if her health could withstand another, but when she approached her husband about her taking the morning-after pill to be completely certain, he said that if she got pregnant, obviously it was meant to be.

His complete control over the family finances made it impossible for her to purchase the medicine, which, while sold over the counter, often costs $40-$50 for a dose, without him noticing the expense. ARRA stepped in and paid for the drugs from its own fund, just as it has financially assisted dozens of women struggling to finance their own healthcare needs." - read the rest at Contributoria.

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