Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New at Cosmo - "In an Alarming Move, Activists Are Trying to Shut Down a Clinic Over Birth Control"

"It started with a Facebook page and an online petition. Next came the meetings, prayers, phone calls to the Chamber of Commerce, and a protest at the clinic's grand opening. Now neighbors are coming home to door hangers warning them about a new provider 'preying upon your community,' and abortion opponents have maintained a constant presence at the clinic's door.

All of this to stop a clinic that doesn't even offer abortions."

 Read the rest here, in my first article for Cosmopolitan Magazine...

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  1. Dear Robin. I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Contributoria! I particularly cherished your open-ended attitude and acknowledging the rights of anti-abortionists to hold their view. I wish I could be as level-headed as you. I'm neither pro, nor anti abortion, but I am vehemently against anti-abortionists simply because instead of merely campaigning, arguing and persuading, cajoling even, in areas in the world, they are *successfully* forcing their own ideas on others. How fair is that? You will surely notice that the majority of anti-abortionists are religious. I don't single out christians as I'm certain there are followers of other religions who are also anti abortion based on religious principle. Among the women I know, there are 3 who have had abortions. To put it simply, all 3 are "basket cases" - racked with guilt or regret for one or another reason relating to their choice.
    The anti-abortionists will POUNCE on this with great zeal, shouting, SEE????? But I am not anti-abortionist.
    That there is a life growing inside the womb of a pregnant woman is not up for debate. And to take that life can be, and has been, easily argued as being murder. But I am not anti-abortion. I am pro-choice, which I believe is the only intelligent stance to take - to the zealots who will happily force a woman against her will to have a child, I say to them that every person's choice has SQUAT to do with them. Every person has their own path, and the choices they make are between them and their god. Who the hell do those religious nuts think they are???
    Thank you