Friday, September 13, 2013

This Just In: Texas Honors Lawmakers Who Ban Abortion After "'40 Weeks" & Other Things Just As Ridiculous

Yes, I know it's just a typo, but I like to think it was done on purpose: Texas Right to Life will be commending everyone who helped pass the anti-abortion omnibus bill, a bill which was apparently not as bad as we thought:

Texas Right-to-Life is celebrating its 40th year fighting to outlaw abortion. The group will also honor Sen. Glenn Hegar and Rep. Jody Laubenberg, the Republican lawmakers who authored a bill outlawing abortion after 40 weeks. [emphasis added]
Just as ridiculous as a 40 week ban? Re-criminalizing sodomy. Yet that's where the leader of the anti-choice group  "Missionaries to the Pre-born" is arguing efforts should be put.

Trewhella regards marriage licenses as a grant of authority to marry from the state.
“The state cannot grant the right to marry. It is a God-given right.”
Despite that view, Trewhella wants the state to ban same-sex marriage.
“I think the whole idea of privatizing marriage is absurd because the state should uphold and affirm the law word and created order of God regarding marriage as revealed in Scripture.”
He believes the solution to same-sex marriage is not privatization but the re-criminalization of sodomy.
“That’s what makes the whole homosexual marriage debate go away,” he said.
I guess Trewhella has been talking to Ken Cuccinelli.

Australia is considering a 20 week "personhood" bill, but swears that nothing in it will ever charge the pregnant person with a crime.  Let's hope that's true, since we've all seen states in the U.S. have had no such qualms.

And in some somewhat good news, abortions for poor women who have discovered that their fetuses have anomolies has not ended, despite the Governor's new plan to decide one by one if he favors reimbursing the doctors in each case. Rather than deal with the ambiguity of not knowing if they would receive reimbursement, the University of Iowa has decided so far to simply not charge anything for the abortions.

In today's anti-choice landscape, sadly, that's what represents a win these days.

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