Monday, September 30, 2013

This Just In: Ted Cruz has "Moxie" and other puzzling lines...

Liberty Counsel very much wants Obamacare to get blocked, so much that they can praise Texas Senator Ted Cruz and invoke Godwin's law in the same post:

The moxie Sen. Cruz showed during his marathon 21-hour Obamacare-funding speech had the dual effect of both shining the spotlight of truth on the inherent lie that is “The Affordable Care Act,” as well as launching this no-nonsense lawmaker’s Reaganesque bona fides into the stratosphere.
Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda, often said, “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.” President Obama’s ministry of propaganda has, until now, gotten away with this whopper: “Obamacare does not force taxpayers to fund abortion.”
The jig’s up. It does and everyone knows it.
Congressional obstructionism, now with 200% more "moxie"!

Since Cruz's "filibuster" didn't actually do anything, though, the GOP is even more desperate than ever to kill Obamacare. The latest push? Allow every employer to be able to veto covering birth control...just because.  Never ending, no limits "conscience protection" for employers has been a key demand of the Susan B. Anthony List, and the USCCB, and once more raises the question of whether the "women in politics" organization that claims to be about electing pro-life women is really anything more than a front for the Catholic church to get involved in politics without jeopardizing its tax status.

Speaking of which, this Catholic bishop is in favor of Albuquerque banning abortion after 20 weeks, despite it being unconstitutional. And This man in Albuquerque wants you to know that adoption is a "solution" to abortion. However, he doesn't seem to realize it isn't a "solution" to not wanting to be pregnant.

Without a court intervention, there will be no more telemed abortions in the state of Iowa as of November 1st, effectively putting most of the state out of access to nearby abortion care.

Finally, today's reminder of why abortion opponents want clinics to remain open only by the grace of a hospital allowing them to be: hospitals are much more susceptible to pressure. But churches can feel the heat for their "support of abortion," too.

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