Friday, September 20, 2013

This Just In: Is The Pope Catholic? Not According to Abortion Opponents and Petitions Petitions Petitions!

The Pope has causes a frenzy by taking on the crazy idea that maybe the Catholic Church should concentrate more on loving the "sinner" than eradicating the sin. Obviously, he's been spending too much time with Nuns on a Bus. Since anti-choice activists have long declared that you can't be Catholic if you don't actively oppose abortion, I look forward to one of them trying to deny him communion.

Polifact calls an ad claiming Cuccinelli wants to make abortion illegal "even in cases of rape, incest and health of the woman" MOSTLY FALSE because hey, the Virginia AG allegedly supports abortion if the pregnant person's life is in danger.

Michigan antis think they are going to have enough signatures on a petition that they can get abortion coverage eliminated from the state insurance exchange. Oregon antis think they have a shot at getting enough signatures on their petition to Medicaid abortions ended in the state (spoiler alert, probably not). West Virginia antis are bringing a petition to try and get abortion coverage removed from their state exchange, too. 

Who needs a constitution when you have petitions?

It's almost 40 Days for Life time. Don't forget to thank a provider. There aren't a ton left, and that's just what abortion opponents are going for.  Sadly, Montana will be down another clinic next month, due to Dr. Susan Wicklund's retirement. The loss will leave many residents traveling an additional 100 miles for care. Be sure to read Dr. Wicklund's book about being a provider targeted by the most extreme and violent of anti-choice activists.

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