Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Just In: "Hickey? No Birth Control for You!" and more

Apparently, you can have the pill in Texas, but only if it's for something other than preventing pregnancy. No necking, young lady!

“I had a hickey and the doctor was just like, you shouldn’t be doing that. I’m like, ‘It’s a hickey, it’s nothing major.’ But I got a big lecture. [He said] my boyfriend was abusive and all of these things. And then I asked for birth control. I did not hear the end of that. So I said, 'Never mind, I’ll go somewhere else,'” Mason told KUT News.
Is that the first step to this "world without abortion" Texas Governor Rick Perry is so certain he'll see soon? Or even better, no hickeys?

Of course, if everyone just didn't have sex if they didn't want a baby, this wouldn't be such a problem, amirite?

Speaking of religious zealots who want to decide who is allowed to have sex, Stanton Healthcare has opened a CPC next to Planned Parenthood in Idaho. You may remember Stanton's Brandi Swindell, the woman who loves performing ultrasounds in the capitol and declaring "How can anybody call this offensive?”  Idaho has three clinics and a mandatory 72 hour wait prior to an abortion.  [edit: oops, that's Utah with the wait.], two in Boise and one in Cannon Falls.

Albuquerque city council has finally scheduled their 20 week abortion ban vote, and it will be on November 19th. If there is a city run off election it will be in person, otherwise, it will be done via mail. No one in the session doubted the ban was unconstitutional, rather the debate revolved around whether the city was obligated to hold the vote regardless.

The Albuquerque arm of Operation Rescue, who spearheaded the vote, is delighted.

“The will of the people has prevailed tonight and we are excited to move forward to ensure that women and their babies are protected from perilous late term abortions. We are confident moving forward that Albuquerque residents don’t want their city to be known for being the “go to” place for late term abortions. Albuquerque is one step closer to seeing this come to an end,” stated Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Project Defending Life.
Speaking of which, Operation Rescue becomes more blatant about their endgame when it comes to "safety of abortion clinics"ruse.

"This is the reality of abortion clinics today," said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President. "We have yet to find one that complies with all laws and safety codes. The public health would be best served if they were all closed."

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